Castle World RPG - Trailer Video

Map Creator's Walkthrough Part 1 of 2 (4 more planned)

A Brief introduction to Castle World, Some Secrets and First Part of the Main Quest Line.

Map Details

A Unique Custom NPC RPG Adventure

Enjoy a fun and exciting Main Quest with over 4 hours of Gameplay.

Dozens of unique side quests.

1 Full Voice Acted Side Quest 

Hidden Puzzles.

Secret Passages.

3 Giant Castles

3 Towns

4 Elemental Shrines

Many Boss Battles inside!   

And many more planned Quests to Come! 

More Quests to Come & FAQ Notes

Since this is a project helmed by 1 person, this build is set to expand.

Plans to add full voice acting (Donations help pay for VA)

Battle At Black Rock Castle (Coming Early Spring 2018)

Problems at the Pur Pur Palace (Coming Summer 2018)


Currently adding NPCs to Black Rock Castle & The Pur Pur Palace.

Area is kind of desolate but only for

a week or two!!